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Marx and Marxism: Anticipating Change

It is Karl Marx’s 200th birthday on the 5th of May 2018. Following on from the many anniversary events last autumn celebrating 150 years of Capital and 170 years of The Communist Manifesto, Marx’ theories seem to be more alive than ever. Especially with capitalism creeping from crisis to crisis and developing paradigmatic counterfeits which seem to sneak into every part of Western society, Marxism is fuel for revolutionaries. Yet, it is a huge step from Marx to Marxism. When cutting through the latter, there is a lot to learn from Marx.

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March for Science: Re-connecting Science and Society

Science March Hamburg

The March for Science infront of the townhall in Hamburg

In about 500 communities around the world, scientists marched for science on Earth Day, 22. of April 2017. This was not a political protest, yet, there are concerns that marching will not deliver a solution for the problem science has. Well, what actually is the problem science has? Is the march politicising science? And why are hard facts not the whole story science should tell?

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Talk of the Town: Get More Specific

Specific panelConcepts are big issues in publishing. Normally, whenever there is change, people start talking in concepts and soon arrive at specific issues. In publishing, discussions seem to get stuck in the concepts. Take for instance digital disruption, open access, or the buzz around start-ups. You may say, these are just generalisations to get conversations going. After years of conversations, though, this has become a false argument. Time is ripe to move from generalising concepts to specific issues. Especially at occasions of public speaking.

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Obsolete Relevance: On Writing

Once I wrote a lot. I also read a lot and thought even more. But most importantly, I wrote. It made my thinking clearer, helped me focus on explicit points and how to properly express them. The writing wasn’t primarily for the purpose of being read nor for the writing itself. It was constructive and it shaped my ability to analyse. While I’m still reading and thinking, I stopped writing. As I realised, instead of analysing regularly what I come across, I’m back in the cave staring at my own shadow. Something must have gone wrong.

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