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I’m a doctoral researcher at the Department of Information Studies at University College London.  My PhD study aims to be a social theory of authorship and publishing in the humanities. Other research interests include structuration theory, the philosophy of the humanities, or open access in the humanities. My research is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council through the London Arts and Humanities Partnership, and I’m supported by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. Find out more about me and my work here.

On this website, you can find articles about my research, primarily on scholarly publishing and open access. I’ve also published on other sites, for instance, the LSE Impact Blog, Forschung & Lehre (German), ZEIT Chancen Brief (German), or SPD Wisspol (policy work).


An editorial note: knowledge production is a work in progress, and so is the representation of my work on this blog. Some of my former perspectives may be refined or revised, which is then reflected in newer articles. Find the table of contents here or go directly to the most recent articles here.


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