Social Theory and Scholarly Communication

I’m a doctoral researcher at the Department of Information Studies at University College London. I also work part time as a researcher at DZHW (German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies).

My scholarly interests include:

  • Scholarly communication
    • The social and cultural foundations of the pressure to publish
    • Open access, open science, and open humanities practices and discourses
  • Critical theory of higher education and scholarship
  • Inequalities in or based on education
    • Democratisation of knowledge
    • Epistemic injustice
  • The philosophy of the humanities
  • Cultural sociology and practice theory

Find my most recent article as a preprint here: The Democratisation Myth: Open Access and the Solidification of Epistemic Injustices

Find a list of my scholarly and popular publications here.

Find the abstract for my Doctoral Research – A Cultural Sociological Analysis of Authorship and Publishing in the Humanities – here.

Find my CV (October 2020) here.

My PhD is funded and supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council through the London Arts and Humanities Partnership, and the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. Find out more about me and my work here.




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