Social Theory and the Humanities

I’m a doctoral researcher at the Department of Information Studies at University College London. I’m currently working as a visiting scholar at the Department of Sociology at Yale University.

My scholarly interests include:

  • Critical theory of higher education and scholarship
  • Scholarly communication in the humanities
    • The social and cultural foundations of the pressure to publish
    • Open access practices and discourses
    • The connections between scholarship and teaching
    • Communication between scholars and society
  • Inequalities in or based on education
    • Democratisation of knowledge
    • Epistemic injustice
  • The philosophy of the humanities
  • Cultural sociology and, in particular, practice theory

Find my most recent article as a preprint here: The Democratisation Myth: Open Access and the Solidification of Epistemic Injustices

My PhD is funded and supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council through the London Arts and Humanities Partnership, and the German Academic Scholarship Foundation. Find out more about me and my work here.

On this website, I mostly publish articles about scholarly communication, particularly open access. I regularly publish on other sites about topics that require urgency or direct confrontation in ongoing disputes; this concerns mostly misconceptions of the meaning of openness and academic freedom. As a co-founder of SPD Wisspol (Research and Higher Education Politics by Social Democrats) and consultant on scholarly communication issues, I’m involved in research policy work especially concerning open access and open humanities. For future policy engagements or invitations to talks, please find my contact details here.


An editorial note: knowledge production is a work in progress, and so is the representation of my work on this blog. Some of my former perspectives may have been refined or revised, which is then reflected in newer articles. Find the table of contents here or go directly to the most recent articles here.



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