That’s me: »I’m an entrepreneurial minded media management expert with work experience in strategic planning and business development. Trained in coding and data-driven approaches, I’m curious to use technology to support decision making and foster innovation. I just finished an MA at University College London and currently work as an analyst at fullstopp in Berlin.«


Marcel Knöchelmann is writing. That’s why this website exists. You can find most of my publications here, mainly Essays in English or German. However, the language doesn’t refer to the content. What’s it about, then?

Publishing, innovation management, Open Access, or the technology around markup languages. Mainly. But curiosity leads me to other interesting stuff once in a while – and then I might write about it as well.

Talking, thinking, experimenting

I also do:

  • Talking. Sometimes publicly. Find out about it here.
  • Working. I develop strategies, for companies in real life or just theoretically as part of an IdeaHub or project.
  • Researching. That’s why some of the publications above are scientific articles, mainly from my studies at University College London or HTWK Leipzig. This is my repository where you can find out about my research.

And I’m curious. That’s why developing strategies is so interesting – exploring plans for the future (or just thinking about what might come). But who knows what comes next? I try to stay up to date (uffa, there’s a lot). Tell me about your discoveries!