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Signifiers of Relevance or Identifiers of Communities at SSP

Brand Equity and Its Strategic Source in Scholarly Journal Publishing

A teaser for the session at the 39th Annual Meeting of the Society for Scholarly Publishing, Boston:  Brands are gatekeepers to content. At least partly. A comprehensive theory of a brand and its equity is important to understand the influence brands have on customers’ behaviour. This starts with seeing brands as more than just logos, and goes on with shaping value propositions with regards to potential customers. In journal publishing—a form of network economy—it highly depends on how you define your customer: reader (with a need for easy-to-access and reliable content) or author (with a need to accumulate high-IF brands on her CV). Or both?

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Accelerating Openness: Foundations as Driving Force in Science Publishing

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation just announced the launch of a new open access platform, Gates Open Research. The Wellcome Trust’s own platform is already running with F1000. All the while, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative opens research with cutting edge services. Funders become a major force changing the scientific ecosystem from the outside, accelerating openness and time-to-publish.

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Disruption and Open Access: Thoughts on the Strategic Impact

Theories and paradigms often create the background for buzzwords. Content marketing or storytelling for example. Or sustainability. And certainly disruptive innovation. In publishing, there is nearly no conference without a discussion about the disruption of the industry. May it be ebooks disrupting print, self-publishing disrupting the fiction book publishing model, or Open Access disrupting the journal subscription model. But the discussion shouldn’t be about the disruption which isn’t predictable anyways. Discussion should be about the strategic impact.

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