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Open Access: From Opening Access to Justifying Business

This text is a revised[1] version of the speech I gave on 11th November 2017 in Oxford. I was invited by the Society of Young Publishers to give insights into my work regarding Open Access.

Considering that most of the talks on Open Access either showcase individual success story of Open Access, or bemoan how scholarly publishing is broken and only Open Science can fix it—without acknowledging the complexity of research communication, I wanted to provide a critique on why the current development of Open Access is not providing the hoped-for benefits. Surely the talk touched only some points of the already large movement, but it’s something that is not being talked about much at conferences. The talk sparked some interesting conversations, which is why I wanted to publish the content of the talk to keep the conversation going. Please do reach out to me in public @lepublikateur or in private marcel.knochelmann.15(at)ucl.ac.uk.

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Platform Wars at London Book Fair: Panel Debate

Platform Wars: The Scholarly Journal in a Changing World

“Platforms” has become one of the leading buzzwords in scholarly publishing. Journals turn into platforms, adding a myriad of new functions to the former static journal content. Technology providers are offering solutions for any kind of website-turned-platform. Additionally, researchers are faced with a diversity of platforms on which they can read, annotate, or review content. Yet, is all this diversity increasing impact or usability? Or is it only a way of diversifying supply in order to deliver innovation?

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