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Downloads and Impact in Scholarly Book Publishing

resist meaningless metricsIt’s hard to tell how often a scholarly book has been read. Neither digitalisation nor open access change that. Misrepresenting downloads as impact or usage of books—paywalled or open access—isn’t useful and can even be irresponsible, when this metric is used as a justification.


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Social Media in Trade Publishing

This essay will explore the social media activities of the publishing house Mills & Boon (from here on M&B) in the form of a case study, and analyse whether the social media activities support or change the company’s public image and brand.

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The Future of Academic Publishing

Emerging digital environments and online-solutions have created lots of challenging opportunities for academic publishers. They have changed the game for researchers, libraries, and publishers alike, and led to several new business models. In the long run, the most radical of those models will rise from a niche to sustainable market shares creating the future of academic publishing. Three major changes will boost this development: service based business models, findability oriented platforms, and format free content storing.


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Digitally Supported Reading: Markup and Reading

The Standardisation of Markup Languages and its Impact on Reading

Written by Marcel Knöchelmann, December 2015

A text is an “ordered hierarchy of content objects” that reveals most information by combination of its discrete entities as well as by intertextual referencing. With a long history of reading, humans developed skills to master these tasks. The moment of the standardisation of markup languages though, marks an important moment in the history of reading. Markup languages changed the way machines support human reading, which in return changed how humans read. This essay will explore the significance of markup languages in the history of reading by specifying how they changed reading.

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Digital Marketing Activities of an Open Access Journal

The following short essay will analyse the digital marketing of a title of the academic publishing market. The title is eLife, which is a scientific journal published by eLife Sciences Publications, Ltd.  University College London

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Academic Publishing Market in the UK

An Analysis of the Retail Sales of Academic Books in the UK

The following essay will analyse the academic publishing market in the UK. The analysis will incorporate and focus on data provided by Nielsen Bookscan in order to show the development of retail sales in the UK.  University College London

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