Eureka! You’ve just made your first step towards publishing your research efficiently.

innovative Open Access journal publisherEureka! That’s the sound of achievement and serendipity in research. 100 years ago, Einstein must have screamed it when he finally added the option for movement to his formula of relativity. And Michael Faraday might have shouted “Eureka” the moment he discovered electricity. Even the citizens of Cambridge must have heard a scream when Isaac Newton discovered the laws of gravity – although this scream probably because he was hit by an apple. However, Eureka is what you’re working for as a scientist. And we are delivering it.

Invent an Open Access journal publisher – how would it look like?

That was my task. And Eureka Press is the answer. Though the business model has not yet been proved to be sustainable, I think offering high quality services is the best way to incorporate the advantages of new technology into scientific journal publishing. And don’t make it complicated. Innovative technology is there to help, especially platforms and Open Access should encourage researchers and not bury them with additional tasks. eLife, for instance, clearly shows how an Open Access journal publisher can work in an uncomplicated relationship with researchers while maintaining high quality output.

The emphasis here is on the service, not the high quality output. While the services can be improved, the quality of the output can’t. When a publisher isn’t offered high quality articles, the company should improve its performance and range of services. Luring good research into bad journals is just not working. And I hope that this is what the brochure below explains.

Eureka Press – the innovation of an Open Access journal publisher:

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